Roll out the Paai!

Paaimadi is a traditional weaving pattern, intricate and stunning in appeal. This unique weaving style is exclusive to Kanchipuram sarees. The way the warp and weft come together results in a weave that resembles a mat or a Paai. The self patterned checks come in quarter inch, half inch and one inch. And as a whole the Paaimadi saree is nothing short of legendary. This special kind of weave is truly a must have in every woman’s wardrobe, and ought to occupy a pride of place in a bride’s wedding collection. 

The craftsmanship of weaving a Paaimadi is very high. It is both time consuming, and labour intensive. The dying cost is a bit higher, as it requires two tones to create visual depth. Two threads or “Rendu nool”, as the weavers call it are used to weave Paaimadi. 

A gorgeous Paaimadi in two overlapping shades gives the saree such a subtle elegance, that even without an elaborate border, it truly stands apart. Paaimadis with heavy work and zaris are often made to order as they are expensive. 

At Utppalakshi, authentic Kanchipuram sarees are woven and sourced. Lend a touch of simple beauty and elegance with this Paaimadi weave, and pass on the heirloom baton to the next generation. Afterall, they truly deserve not just an heirloom saree, but a slice of our grand culture.