Has the Annapakshi perched on your saree?

Of the many motifs that embellish our Kanchipuram sarees, the Annam or Annapakshi motif is a special one. It is found in temple architecture and sculptures. The Anna Pakshi is a mythical bird that is said to have descended from heaven. 

It feeds on pearls, and is said to choose only one partner for life, signifying fidelity and loyalty. Anna Pakshi also has another unique property. It can separate water from milk, and drink only the milk. This seems to convey to us that in any situation, we should take only the good.

A word of caution though - Some families don't believe the annam to be an auspicious motif, as it  signifies separation.

Weddings are all about unison, celebration and imbibing only the good in every situation. And a gorgeous heirloom Kanchipuram with the Annam motif is nothing short of legendary in a bride’s wedding trousseau. 

Hand over a piece of heaven to the coming generations, hand over heirloom sarees from Utppalakshi.