Partly Pallu, fully grand!

Partly Pallu is a weaving technique that uses the Korvai method, wherein the pleats in front and the pallu are of the same colour. Most innovations arise from restrictions. So too with Partly Pallu. Back in the day, manual weaving required patches of silk to be woven together. This needed high levels of craftsmanship and nimble fingers. And hence children were used. Once the ban on child labour came into effect, shuttles were used to replicate the korvai method. 

Partly Pallu resembles the Bharatnatyam dance costume, and it best fits a young, or small made person, as the front pleats should stay in place.

Partly Pallu sarees have no borders. They look unique and stylish at the same time, and will occupy a special place in your wardrobe, for sure.

Handover a piece of tradition and heirloom to the coming generation, so that they are fully aware of our partly pallu nuances.