Hit the blues!

The colour blue - how many shades and emotions it represents! The sky and the sea drape themselves in this magnificent colour. Blue is said to have a calming effect, and each hue represents an array of emotions. Dark blue signifies  trust, dignity, intelligence, authority. Bright blue represents cleanliness, strength, and dependability. Sky blue is all about peace, serenity, spirituality and infinity. Blue is a colour of loyalty, trust and understanding. Little wonder then why 53% of the world’s flags have the colour blue in them. 

Indian mythology represents Vishnu in the colour blue, and the Greeks believe that Blue wards off the evil eye. The western world refers to Aristocrats as being blue blooded. 

Traditionally vegetable dyes were used for colours in Kanchipuram sarees, but not anymore, as they are extremely difficult to source. Many chemicals and synthesised colours are used nowadays. However, at Utppalakshi, we spare no effort in sourcing only authentic vegetable dyes for our colours.The beautiful hues of blue range from Ananda Blue, MS blue, Karum neelam or dark blue, Mayil Kazhuthu and so on. The colours are always dependent on the warp and weft, and sometimes black is used with blue to give the dark blue or Karum neelam effect. 

Go ahead and pass on a blue piece of heirloom to our coming generations.