A meen design!

Yes, you read that right! We are talking about the fish motif - the meenpettu, the logo of Utppalakshi.  A popular motif of indigenous tribes, the fish motif, elegant and slender, has decorated many a Kanchipuram saree, either as motifs in the saree itself, or as a border. 

It even made its presence in one of Indira Gandhi’s Kanchipuram Sarees long ago. 

Used as a symbol of auspiciousness by the people of  West Bengal and Orissa in their weaves, the Meen symbol was also used as an emblem by the Pandya rulers of South India. 

Interestingly, at Utppalakshi, we have tried to source the very same weavers who wove the Meenpettu for Indira Gandhi’s saree, and we present to you, heirloom Kanchipuram Sarees with this very enigmatic symbol.

The next generation definitely needs to be in possession of not just a ravishing Kanchipuram saree, but a slice of our rich tradition too!