Because red says stop!

A beautiful red Kanchipuram saree is enough to stop anyone on their tracks. Say Red, and a zillion images conjure up in front of our eyes. From passion, energy and anger to life forces, fertility and divinity, red signifies a whole range of emotions. The soft sheen of an authentic Kanjivaram in red is nothing short of magic. And how many shades there are of this magnificent colour - Arakku, chilli red, tomato red, maroon, brick red, blood red, and so on! 

The indigenus tribes celebrated red as the colour that signifies procreation. Many ancient cultures followed suit and traditionally the bride always wore red. Even today, in many cultures, red is the colour that the new bride wears on her wedding day. 

Kanchipuram sarees traditionally used vegetable dyes. But these are extremely difficult to source, and hence synthetic and artificial dyes are predominantly used, in present times.

However at Utppalakshi, we go the extra mile to source authentic vegetable dyes. The colours in the saree are often determined by the warp and the weft. If the same colours are interchanged in the warp and the weft, you can see a mild difference in the shades.

With such beautiful nuances in silk and colour, don’t you think the coming generations should own an heirloom Kanchipuram silk saree?