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Step into a world of ethereal beauty with our Pastel Green Saree, a celestial canvas that captures the essence of nature's most delicate hues. Adorned with intricate pink and white threadwork, this masterpiece exudes an air of exquisite grace, akin to a garden kissed by the soft rays of dawn.

The pallu, a true work of art, showcases a magnificent pyramid shape woven in resplendent zari, a symbol of timeless grandeur and regal elegance. Each zari line gleams like a cascade of stars, bestowing upon this saree an otherworldly charm.

Blouse – Pastel green with zari line

Weight: 696 gms
Full height: 48 inches
Border height: 3 inches
Blouse length: 66 cms
Blouse colour: Pastel green

Disclaimer: We have tried to represent the colours as close to the original. However, the colours portrayed in the pictures may vary slightly from the actual saree.

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