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Behold the resplendent allure of the Scarlet Elegance Kanjivaram Silk Saree, a masterpiece that bewitches the senses and leaves a trail of enchantment in its wake. 

Crafted with meticulous care, the saree flaunts a mesmerizing symphony of zari checks and intricate lotus motifs adorning alternate squares. The golden threads, like celestial rays, dance across the lustrous silk, creating a tapestry of opulence and magnificence. The grand pallu, draped with a regal elegance, is an ethereal canvas in bottle green, adorned with scintillating diamonds. Paisley zari motifs, symbolic of prosperity and everlasting charm, gracefully intertwine, weaving a tale of grandeur and allure.

Blouse – Bottle green

Weight: 650 gms
Full height: 48 inches
Border height: No border
Blouse length: 70 cms
Blouse colour: Green

Disclaimer: We have tried to represent the colours as close to the original. However, the colours portrayed in the pictures may vary slightly from the actual saree.

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