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A bewitching creation that exudes an air of mystery and allure. Draped in the velvety black of a moonless night, this saree is adorned with raindrop zari motifs, like glistening drizzle from the heavens.

A delicate mubbagam formed by shamrock green and purple borders adds a touch of elegance and contrast, accentuating the saree's rich black canvas. The pallu, adorned with simple zari lines, creates a mesmerising play of light and shadow, reminiscent of starlit constellations.

Embrace the enigmatic charm of this handwoven kanjivaram silk saree and let its spellbinding beauty cast a captivating aura wherever you grace.

Blouse – Purple

Weight: 495 gms
Full height: 47 inches
Border height: No border
Blouse length: 79 cms
Blouse colour: Purple

Disclaimer: We have tried to represent the colours as close to the original. However, the colours portrayed in the pictures may vary slightly from the actual saree.

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